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Hire Prestashop Developer and Develop Your Website to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Business

Prestashop is a popular open source e-commerce web application that is based on PHP platform and can run on cross platform. Application build on this platform is more attractive, robust and reliable than others and it is even easy to use, navigate and maintain. The best part of Prestashop tool is that, it can handle large volume of data; this is not only beneficiary for business but also to consumers. One can get maximum benefits of Prestashop Development by hiring Prestashop Developer. The application will be full fledge with the pleasant interface, multi language support, content management system, catalog management, SEO, report generation and with many others. This all can be done by hiring a Professional Prestashop developer.

To Hire Prestashop Developer is not an easy task as you cannot select any random profile for your project development; one has to see all the pros and cons before hiring. With this article we are discussing some of the essential keynotes that have to be followed before hiring Prestashop developer for Best Prestashop Customization.

Hire an Expert Prestashop developer: Before picking any random profile it is necessary to shortlist the candidates who are expertise and proficient in Prestashop Theme Development. Experts will deliver the project with avoiding any imperfection or flaw. Also seek for the one who is highly dedicated towards his work & projects and also promises to deliver the project in time.

Budget: When hiring Prestashop developer, costing plays an important role. So it is highly essential to discuss the cost on providing the services. Do also compare the costing the current development market.

Requirement of the project: it is highly mandatory to appoint a developer according to the business need and requirements. Firstly list out the requirements of the project and avoid hiring fresher or inexperienced developer. As they are not perfectionist in delivering robust and reliable web applications. Hiring a developer as per the business requirement is always beneficial.

If you are looking for a brilliant shopping cart solution for your shopping cart, then you can choose Prestashop. It is brilliant ecommerce software that runs on the PHP platform and is a versatile and robust piece of ecommerce architecture. Solutions created by Prestashop are designed for a variety of businesses and industries for encouraging and improving their ecommerce sales.

The solutions that are designed in Prestashop are brilliant and easy to maintain. Further, robust coding allows easy navigation and powerfully designed business tools. These solutions are designed to handle large volumes of data. This is why Prestashop can be used for developing consumer and business applications as well. The solutions that are built in Prestashop offer a pleasing and user-friendly interface, SEO solutions, multi-language support, custom orders, shipping order management, report generation and much more. A huge number of free and commercial add-ons are also available for adding extra ecommerce features.

Although, there are many ecommerce tools available on the market, Prestashop is the best amongst them because Prestashop Developers find it easy to develop complex tools to track business and provide advanced shopping cart functionality. Many offshore development companies have hired experience Prestashop developers, Prestashop Theme Developer, Prestashop Template Developer, Prestashop Web Developer, Prestashop Module Develoepr for exhaustive Prestashop Development, Prestashop Theme Development, Prestashop Template Development, Prestashop Module Development. Many companies and organizations abroad now find India a convenient destination to offshore their Prestashop development activities. This is one of the reasons why India has emerged as a convenient place for Prestashop development. Many ecommerce companies in India now provide their ecommerce services using Prestashop.

A variety of services are now being provided with the help of Prestashop, which includes Prestashop Customization, application maintenance, plugins, Prestashop design and maintenance alongside others. It is possible to hire Prestashop Programmers and for your Prestashop Development needs. You can even hire a Prestashop Development Company which is able to meet your business objectives.

Since most developers from India are highly professional, they also have the ability to provide add-ons services like creation of a Prestashop SEO friendly websites, which help you in getting a higher page rank in the search results. You can even hire a part time or a full time developer for your Prestashop needs. You get your reports as soon as you as the tasks are completed after which you make payments if the work has been completed on a satisfactory basis. Offshore companies always maintain international standards in their work to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

For the speedy execution of projects, offshore website development companies in the country have the latest infrastructure and resources for Prestashop development. These developers hired for Prestashop Shopping Cart Development & shopping cart design will respond to you directly to you on a daily basis with the help of different methods of communication like email, chat or phone. You can consult various service providers to decide the time frame of the project and how the developers will remain in touch with you to remain abreast of the latest developments.

Prestashop developers from the country are truly experts in their own field and a thorough choice for the requirements of your business. To conclude, Prestashop development is a brilliant choice for business and industry looking forward to enhance their ecommerce websites and build a great online business.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hire Ajax Developers with Afforbale Rates from Samiflabas

Hire Ajax developers from Samiflabs is the best option if your online business requires feature rich & dynamic applications. Expertise in using the specific technologies for AJAX based application development powers the developer to deliver comprehensive web development solutions. Samiflabs is a professional company having adroit professionals available for hire to serve your specific web development requirements. Hire Ajax developers from Samiflabs at affordable rates, which can help you to reduce your overall development costs. Ajax is amazing and can be used with various other technologies, but it needs in-depth knowledge and expertise to utilize it appropriately for a particular application development. Hire Ajax developers for any web development and design services from Samiflabs to make optimum use of Ajax technology. As we achieved mastery in web development and design services so we are also known as Web Development India.

At Samiflabs, our expert and skilled team of Ajax developers have mastered this new state-of-the-art technology. Although, AJAX design pattern is a new technology and interface, our Ajax Application Developers have been creating Ajax Web Applications integrating Ajax with PHP (Ajax PHP), Ajax with (Ajax ASP.NET) and Ajax with ASP (Ajax ASP) framework.

The Ajax developers at Samiflabs are not just full of the qualifications mentioned above, but also are the best with the best of experiences in the Ajax web development & its integration into the web development. Samiflabs gives the best Ajax Developers with very high experiences & expertise as compared to the other Ajax developers providing companies.

We believe in the Client satisfaction, as it is our motto and aim too. Our best Ajax developers are trained in such a way that they themselves take care of all the requirements of the clients. We give the complete access to our Clients to interact with our Ajax developers, as and when the need arises for them.

Our expert and skilled team of Ajax developer takes pride in delivering high quality work and our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations in all we do. When we make a commitment to a client to deliver, we want stick to it and keep the commitment always. Samiflabs believes in trustworthy relationship and partners with organizations sharing the same mindset to work with in longer-term mutually beneficial relationships.

If you need to Hire Ajax developer at cost effective rate then please feel free to contact us at

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Hire Affordable and Experts CMS Developer from Samiflabs

Samiflabs is the offshore Web development and Design Company in India. We have expertise in ecommerce web site development using different Content Management Systems. As we are leading web development and Design Company and provide every web development and design services at affordable cost with high accuracy and superior quality so we are also known as Web development India. We have large number of experienced CMS developer. They all are well versed in CMS development. Our dedicated CMS developer builds your online store very effective way which increases the presence of your e-store on search engine. Our expert and skilled team of CMS developer have an experience of minimum 3-4 years and have work on more than 200 projects. So you can Hire CMS Developer from samiflabs for developing best and affordable ecommerce website development and design.

Hiring a reliable CMS Developer from Samiflabs is the most preferable solution to get pixel perfect work without comprising any quality standards. We offer flexible hiring schemes. You can hire an expert and skilled team of CMS developer with different hiring strategies such as Full Time Hiring, Part Time Hiring or hourly depends on your requirements.

You can hire an individual or a dedicated team of Content Management System Developers from Samiflabs. Hiring CMS Developer from Samiflabs on permanent basis is extremely flexible as in it can follow any development life cycle. You'll be provided with Project Manager if necessary who becomes your offshore website development controller managing your hired team. This ensures that your outsourcing venture is highly successful and meets all your business objectives.

Our CMS Developers are free minded to receiving comments that will help to grow your business. You can also utilize our CMS Developers to work for the agreed number of hours each day during their working period. You will need to monitor the work and we provide you with basic supervision to your hired employee. Your dedicated developer delivers same service quality as you would get from your onsite staff.

Reduce your cost by hire CMS developer from Samiflabs and save expanses use to occur in appointment of regular employee for your business. Following are features of CMS developers that help you to understand how they will be more productive to your business. We have our CMS developer working on monthly contract hiring basis for clients globally all of our content management system developer have 3+ Years of hands on experience in their respective domain. He will work in both shifts. So now, you can have flexibility to get your work done in your business hours no matter where you are located.

If you need to Hire CMS Developer from Samiflabs for best and affordable Web Development and Design services then please feel free to contact us at

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oSCommerce Services from

·         osCommerce Developer
·         osCommerce Development
·         osCommerce Theme Developer
·         osCommerce Template Developer
·         osCommerce Customization
·         PSD to osCommerce
·         osCommerce Designer

There have been a number of comments made about the license change of osCommerce 3.x to the BSD. This post aims to dispel some of the confusion around the change and will hopefully be the primer for a proper FAQ on when I have some time. If there are any questions you have that you would like answered post them here as comments and I will make sure to include them in the official FAQ.

Q. Is the BSD License used compatible with the GNU General Public License?

A. Yes. osCommerce 3.x is using the 3-clause BSD license which is fully compatible with the GNU General Public License

Q. What versions of osCommerce does the BSD License apply to?

A. The BSD License is for osCommerce 3.x

Q. Will osCommerce 2.x still be released under the GNU General Public License?

A. Yes, the license for osCommerce 2.x has not changed

Q. What licence are addons for osCommerce 3.x released under?

A. Developers now have the choice to release their Add-Ons under a BSD compatible license or to continue using the GNU General Public License.

Q. Why change the license?

A. The GNU General Public License has served us well for 11 years however we want to create even more business possibilities and opportunities for store owners, developers, and our community. Changing the licence helps make that possible.

Q. Where can I find out more information about the different licenses?

A. There is an interesting article / video from Redhat which is worth watching You can also check out Wikipedia

Q. Can I use osCommerce 3.x addons released under the GNU General Public License in a binary only/commercial closed source project?

A. No. The change to using the BSD licence for the core of osCommerce doesn't remove the viral part of the GNU General Public License. If you use GNU General Public Licensed code in your project the source code must be provided to comply with the licence. If you want to release a project as binary only then you will not be able to use any addons that are licenced under the GNU General Public License

Q. Can developers release osCommerce 3.x under the GNU General Public License?

A. No. Only osCommerce has the right to change the licensing of the core framework

Q. Can developers include BSD licensed community addons in projects released under the GNU General Public License?

A. Yes. However including BSD code in a GNU General Public License project doesn't change the licence of the code. It is still released under the BSD license.

Make Your Ecommrece Website in Magento from India with Affordable Rates

Now a day’s people are searching skilled and professional Magento expert who can give great web shape to their designs. In open source web application Magento stays at the top and its staff is well known for converting PSD to Magento and giving the client's imagination a web shape that can be used for commercial purposes. Samiflabs is the leading and very professional Company in Magento Development and Magento customization. People believes that Magento is just as other Open Source system based on PHP and therefore any PHP programmers can handle magento customization. But that's completely wrong. Magento shopping cart is based on Zend framework which requires the knowledge of PHP with Object Oriented Programming language like C or C++. Above all it has the MVC framework which makes it almost impossible for regular PHP programmers to implement magento theme and advance magento customization. We are also known as Web Development India.

Our expert teams of Magento Developers have 3+ years experience in Magento development and Magento customization and have Solid proficiency in PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript etc. Our Magento Developer also has the Basic knowledge of SSL, XML, cookies, HTTPS post concepts etc. We are able to operate graphic design apps - Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. PSD-to-Magento conversion is the most critical aspect of creating online e-commerce based portal powered by the popular open-source ecommerce web application Magento. The powerful e-commerce platform is stunningly used for designing a fully accessible and multi store functional online e-commerce based website.

A person should always check the above factors while outsourcing virtual assistance of well skilled Magento expert. One should choose his web developer carefully to get customer centric online e-commerce based website designed by converting PSD-to-Magento theme/templates that are highly cross browser compatible, W3C validated, clean and table-less hand coded HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups.

Our expert team of Psd to xhtml conversion service provider is able to develop code, which matches the current market trend. A professional and experienced PSD to Oscommerce such as PSD to Magento, PSD to Wordpress, PSD to Joomla, and PSD to Magento services makes the process of website development faster and easier. It allows the designer and the programmers to make the website with specific features. Even to convert the images into webpage template or blog, you have to develop Xhtml code.

We have very rich information about the Magento Development, Magento customization and Magento stores examples. Consult them for your Magento theme customization, Magento theme installation, redesigning Magento shopping cart, advance Magento customization, custom Magento shopping cart designing, convert PSD to Magento customization or any other Magento related requirements

If you need to Hire Magento Developer for best and affordable PSD to Magento Solutions then please feel free to contact us at

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iPhone Development India with Experts Developer and Cost Effective

IPhone an innovative highly sophisticated electronic gadgets popular among its users; by its multi-touch, rotating screen and its capacity to connect internet with an ease. When Apple had announced its iPhone SDK development free, there were surge in custom development occurred and many iphone Application developer came ahead to took challenges of this iPhone Application development. Social Tornado is one of them and keeps its iPhone application developers team to ready to take development challenges of any level and at any scale. We are ready to serve you in following field of iPhone Application development

Being a leading and complete iPhone application development company we provide every iPhone application development services all over the world. Some of our main iPhone application development services includes: iPhone Application Development, iPhone Games Development, iPhone Widgets Development, iPhone Web Services integration, iPhone mobile website Development, iPhone Web Services integration, iPhone Social Networking, iPhone m-commerce development, iPhone Theme, iPhone mock, iPhone icon and iPhone Designing , iPhone Business and sales Application Development etc

Social Tornado provides iPhone application development and other Smartphone application development services for business and entrepreneurs. Our creative teams and iPhone application developers understand the importance of creating highly aesthetic and functional Apps with iPhone application development and other smartphone apps which drive measurable results that ultimately lead to a return on your investment. Equivalently, our strategy and marketing teams understand that successful promotion of your iPhone Application idea is cornerstone to its success.

Social Tornado is geared towards offering custom iPhone application development and consulting services adding value to the businesses of our clients-partners based across US, UK, Australia, Canada, all across the world. You may share your iPhone application development ideas with us irrespective of the subject matter. Our technical team will evaluate your app concept and shall suggest the best solution based on the viability of your idea.

We have dedicated iPhone application developers and we allow you to choose and hire your own developer that you feel would add to your team strength and work on your projects with minimal supervision. Hiring iPhone application developers has proven to be an efficient and effective way to address your project requirements and allows you to conveniently manage your project remotely. Get an array of applications developed for your iPhone from games to business, education to entertainment through hiring experts and grant yourself an easy and direct control over your iPhone 3GS application development

If you need to Hire iPhone Application Developer for best affordable and eye catching iPhone Application Development Services then please feel free to contact us at

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Make Your Ecommrece Site in Magneto with Hiring Affordable And Expert Magento Developer

Samiflabs is the leading and complete Web Development Company located in India. We provide every Web Development India services at affordable cost. Magento Development is one of the main services provide by us. We have an expert and skilled team of Magento Developer having an experience of more than 7 years and deliver all types of Magento Development services all over the world. Hire Magento Developer from Samiflabs for your Magento based project and we sure our Magneto Developer can provide you a dedicated Magento Development service and whole will work only for you. Our Magento Developer makes full use of the feature-rich Magento e-commerce platform. Our expert and skilled Magento Developer can be hired with different hiring strategies such as Full Time hiring, Part Time Hiring or Hourly depends on your requirements.

We are offering an amazing range of services including on line store development through Magento open source platform, Magento themes and customizations, module installation, custom designed page, shopping cart, payment gateway integration, Magento ecommerce with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Magento template Design and development, Magento Them Development, Magento shopping cart development. In addition to that, we deal in Magento modules development and customization.

We facilitate the e-commerce development services based on Magento to our clients at much reasonable price. So, investing money on our dedicated Magento developer is an intelligent decision. Hiring Magento Developer from Samiflabs is really worthwhile.

We offer highly experienced Magento developers on permanent and temporary staffing basis. All our Magento Developers you higher are vastly experienced and possess excellent communication skills. They are also equipped with high-end workstations with the latest software and tools, installed along with dedicated fast Internet bandwidths, so that they can serve you promptly and effectively. All communication channels like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Skype and VoIP are readily available for instant communication. As an add-on facility, you may avail our well-known professional Project Management Services too.

If you need to hire expert and skilled team of Magento Developer for best and affordable Magento Development Services then please feel free to contact us.

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Flex Development Services with Affordable Rates

Samiflabs is the leading and pioneer Web Development Company located in India. We provide every Web Development India Services all over the world with high accuracy and superior quality. Hire Flex Developer is one of the main services provide by us. Our expert and skilled team of Flex Developer are known for providing best; affordable, ace and eye catching Flex Development services all over the world. Hire Flex Developer from Samiflabs and get the best and cost effective Flex Development services. You can Hire Flex Developer from Samiflabs with different hiring strategies such as Full Time Hiring, Part Time Hiring or hourly depends on your requirements.

Samiflabs Provide following Flex Development Services: Flex base Dynamic Website Development, Flex based web application development (Action Script 2.0/3.0, XML), Flex Programming/ Flex AIR Programming, Custom Flex Application Development, Flex integrate with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Asp.Net, XML, Flex Shopping cart E commerce Solution, Flex Website Design and Web Solution, Flex Module Customization, Flex CMS Development, Flex LMS Development, Flex Action Script Development, Flex Theme Development and Design, Flex Template Development and Design, Flex Plugin Development, Flex Widgets Development etc

We believe to provide qualitative and desired result/solution to client as possible as at affordable cost. We understand the right value of your money and as per this we give you full interest of your money through our Hire Web Developer service. As per your conveniences, you can Hire Web Developer for full time, part time or hourly based. Flex is very flexible and productive open source framework. Our Flex Web Developer has 5+ years of experience in Flex Development.

The retention rate in Samiflabs has been an astounding 87% since its inception. Highly experienced & qualified Technical and Flex professionals back services. Apart from the experience in Samiflabs, team members have several years of expertise in developing customized, fully integrated systems.

Samiflabs always appreciate long-term business relationships and high level of customer satisfaction, to meet all the web development and Flex Development needs in economical way. We have developed a suitable Hire Flex developer program for our offshore clients. Hire Flex developer program is flexible in nature according to specific time-lines & project requirements and to provide customized services.

If you need to Hire Flex Developer for best affordable and eye catching Flex Development Services then please feel free to contact us at

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Android, Catch the Wave of the Future!

Are you Looking for Android Developer if yes then contact us on
Android isn't just for cellphones anymore. Which means that there will come a day when Android is more important than the iPhone, more important than Windows, and more important than any one device.
Android is an open source operating system created by Google for primary use on smartphones, and is currently in use on many cellphones such as the Motorola Droid, the HTC Droid Eris, the HTC Hero, the HTC Desire, the MyTouch 3G Slide, and the Dell Streak.
Recently there's been a developer release of the Android operating system for use on the x86 archictecture, which will eventually allow Android to be ported to tablets, netbooks and even onto laptops and desktops, as well as onto many other devices, such as set-top boxes, video game systems, home control systems and other things not even thought of yet.
Android is written in Java on a modified version of the Linux kernel. Because of its open architecture, it's easy for developers to build applications to run on the Android operating system. Unlike the Apple closed architecture, with its draconian gatekeepers, anyone capable of coding can write an application to run on Android. And if Google's rules are followed, that application will be made available to all Android users

What that means to you is that if you want your cellphone to do something it doesn't currently do, and there isn't an Android application that does it, you have the ability to contract with a developer to have an application built that will allow your cellphone to do exactly what you want, though there are also developer groups who, if the idea is a great one, may take your project on in exchange for the ability to put their name on it and offer servicing and customization of that application, which is the way open source works. The sky is the limit!
As of this writing there are approximately two Android phones activated per second. Because Android is offered on so many great phones, with many new ones to be launched soon, it won't be long before Android phones hold a greater market share than any other operating system on any other phone, including the iPhone, especially since the Android 2.2 Froyo release supports Adobe Flash, a sticking point with the iPhone and other cellphones. Android 2.2 Froyo is right now being rolled out to the Nexus One, and will soon be available for most other Android phones.

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Hire PHP Developer with Affordable Rates for your Website Development

Samiflabs offers a variety of Web Development India and PHP Web Development services to its clients across the globe, from last decade. We server our client with the best PHP resource available to get their dreams come true. Our PHP Web Developer are ready to serve with any challenges and complexity using latest technology and customization techniques as our PHP Web Developer have experience of more than 7 years and are known for providing best, affordable ,ace and eye catching PHP Web Development Services all over the world. So Hire PHP Web Developer from Samiflabs at affordable cost as we offer a trained, experienced and highly dedicated PHP Web developer to get your job done. Our utmost priority is to meet client?s business requirement with our dedicated resources and give them 100% online satisfaction.

With an outstanding team of veteran PHP Web Developer, Samiflabs has effectively completed numerous PHP Web Development and Programming services like E-Commerce website development shopping carts with content management system, CRM Solutions, Community tools Web Calendars, Chat software and Discussion forum. Our PHP Web Development facilitates clients to effectively store and demonstrate content on their site.

Our PHP Web Development team consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. You can hire either single PHP Web Developer, or the full team on monthly basis. These individual PHP Web developers will exclusively work for you only. It is like having your own employee from offshore destinations without incurring a huge amount in salaries and hiring, to give you perfect dedicated result on your dream offshore projects.

You can Hire PHP Web Developer, for any of your web based applications. We believe in offering our clients the best solution after understanding the objective and goals of their business. If you are looking for any such web application, Hire PHP Web Programmer from our on board team and leave the rest on our expert and skilled PHP Web developer. Our dedicated PHP Web Developer have extensive experience and well-honed skills for delivering excellent results working on dynamic web sites and high-end e-commerce applications, portal development or a content management system development and much more using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technologies.

We can provide different levels of PHP Web Programmer as per your budget and needs. We are bound to have crystal clear communication with all our clients, in order to get their work done in an easy and transparent way. Clients can communicate with their dedicated PHP Web Developer 24×7 through instant messengers like Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk, and MSN. Clients can also arrange regular meetings for project status updates and reporting gathering.

For more information regarding PHP Web Development Services please feel free to Contact usor mail at

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Hire Sugar CRM Developer the best solution for Your Customer Managment

Hire SugarCRM Developer from Web Development Company who can create magic with the latest technological tools. They are experienced and can customize your CRM software just the way you want it to be at incredibly affordable prices. Hire SugarCRM Developer from us today to systematize your business operations. You can have dedicated SugarCRM developers working just for you. It is like having your own employee offshore without incurring those huge salaries and hiring costs. We are also known as Web Development India as we provide best, affordable, ace and eye catching Web Development and design services all over the world.

Samiflabs knows Customer Relationship Management is very crucial for any business and to maintain, enhance and develop new relations with existing as well as potential customers we offer different SugarCRM Services like SugarCRM Customization, SugarCRM Development, SugarCRM Integration and SugarCRM Module Development. Our expert and skilled team of SugarCRM Developer have delivered SugarCRM Solutions in different business areas. We provide professional SugarCRM Customization Services, where specific modules are developed as per different business needs of the clients.

Samiflabs is a team of expert SugarCRM Developer, who can develop/customize moderate to complex SugarCRM Developer application. Our SugarCRM experts aim to offer best SugarCRM development services with 100% client satisfaction. We deliver cost effective services with accuracy and timeline in order to develop website for better productivity and easy usability. At Samiflabs, we believe in great partnerships that delivers great results. Determining your business goals can help us not only in choosing the right application for you but also in delivering effective expertise. Our professional SugarCRM developer provides absolute elucidation to your Joomla requirements by working on monthly basis, hourly basis, and weekly basis at reasonable prices.

We work in shifts and provide you with 24-hour support, allowing you the flexibility to get your work done in your business hours no matter where you are located. You can stay connected with our expert and skilled team 24x7 and get regular updates, modifications from the SugarCRM Developer. We try to give our best shot. We aim at client satisfaction and building a brand name in the global market. Believe in us as we believe in Quality and trustworthy relationship with our clients.

At Samiflabs, our team helps you in complete implementation and configuration of SugarCRM. We also provide SugarCRM development services for your organization in shifting from an old Sugar CRM version to a newer one, or your other CRM application to Sugar CRM without losing any critical customer data.

If you need to Hire SugarCRM Developer for best and affordable SugarCRM Development Services then please feel free to Contact us at

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

vTiger CRM Development Company

Hire vTiger CRM Developer and vTiger CRM expert from Samiflabs. Our vTiger CRM Developers can make possible your business up to the satisfactory level of your exact needs. The best key role of Samiflabs is to provide expected vTiger Developers in the cost benefit terms that you seldom get from this competitive world. Samiflabs is the right software development firm to choose for vTiger Customization. We are expertise in vTiger CRM 5.1 installation and customization. We have successfully installed and integrated vTiger SugarCRM in many of the websites developed by us for our clients. We have an expert and skilled team of vTiger CRM Developer who are very expert in providing best and affordable vTiger Development and customization services all over the world. You can Hire vTiger CRM Developer from Samiflabs at affordable cost. We are also known as Web Development India as we provide every Web development and design services at affordable cost with high accuracy and superior quality.

Samiflabs provides flexible extensibility through our vTiger CRM Development and customization to meet your business needs and customizes personalized features in it. Our vTiger CRM development team is capable of adding custom functions to existing CRM systems. We have provided vTiger CRM development services for customizing business productivity enhancing add-ons, customer portals, outlook plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook users, office plug-in for Microsoft Office users, and thunderbird extension for Mozilla Thunderbird mail users.

With our Hire vTiger CRM Developer service put tremendous effort and dedication to develop quality websites and internet applications using vTiger technology that helps in contributing to an overall success of your business. The proficiency levels of our vTiger CRM Developer can bring for you a high level developmental work in PHP, MySQL.

Our vTiger CRM Developer and a project coordinator working on your job will always be available at flexible timing via online chat (messengers such as Skype, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN and NCT Live Chat) for a stress-free communication. Working schedules of our vTiger CRM Developer's team will be fixed with consideration to client country's local timing. We also have dedicated VOIP lines that will help you to be in touch with our vTiger CRM Developer team at a time of your convenience.

Our vTiger CRM Development team takes pride in delivering high quality work and our aim is to exceed our client's expectations in all we do. When we make a commitment to a client to deliver, we want stick to it and keep the commitment always. Samiflabs believes in trustworthy relationship and partners with organizations sharing the same mindset to work with in longer-term mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are looking for complete vTiger CRM Development, Samiflabs is the best firm to work with. You may contact us at

Hire Wordpress Developer for your business site

Samiflabs is one of the best and pioneer Wordpress Development Company provides every Wordpress Development and Design services at affordable cost. We mainly concentrate on Wordpress development and Customization Services. We are experts in doing any kind of Wordpress Development services. We are also known as Web Development India and experts in developing E-Commerce Websites, SmallBusiness websites, Flash Websites, Social Networking Websites, etc. In a very short span of time Samiflabs has the opportunity to work with a diverse range of industries and clients. We have implemented more than 250 successful Wordpress development projects in the last 3 years itself. Our highly skilled Wordpress Developer team and best practice delivery methods ensure each project is delivered on time, to specification and to budget. You can Hire Wordpress Developer from Samiflabs with different hiring strategies such as Full Time Hiring, Part Time Hiring or Hourly depends on your requirement.

Been a leading and complete Wordpress Development Company we at Samiflabs provides every Wordpress Development Services all over the world. Some of our main Wordpress Development services includes: Wordpress CMS Development, Wordpress Customizations, Wordpress Theme Development, Wordpress Template Development, Wordpress Implementation, Wordpress Blog Customization, Wordpress Maintenance, PHP programming, MY-SQL, JavaScript, XML, Wordpress CMS Development and System Design, Wordpress Module Installation, Custom Modules Development, Wordpress Extensions Development etc

At Samiflabs, Wordpress Developer and designer with hands-on experience will not only integrate Wordpress with your website, but also gives your business all required customized solutions. We offer meaningful services better than costlier solutions offered by number of service providers.

By hiring Wordpress Developer/ Programmer from Samiflabs one can cut trim over expenditure incurred through development cost. Reduce burden without spending much money. At Samiflabs, we deliver our clients well structured web portal developed by using hi-tech blog publishing platform - Wordpress. Retain all your online visitors' for longer period of time by a fully featured, clean, SEO semantic website. Get high rate of traffic in popular search engines and increased revenue.

Reduce your cost by hire Wordpress developer from Samiflabs and save expanses use to occur in appointment of regular employee for your business. Following are features of Wordpress developers that help you to understand how they will be more productive to your business. We have our Wordpress developer working on monthly contract hiring basis for clients globally all of our Wordpress developer have 3+ Years of hands on experience in their respective domain. He will work in both shifts. So now, you can have flexibility to get your work done in your business hours no matter where you are located.

If you need to hire Wordpress Developer from Samiflabs for best and affordable Wordpress Development services then please feel free to contact us at

Friday, 30 September 2011

Develop Innovative iPhone Apps by Hiring iPhone Developers from iPhone Developer

Today, the most revolutionary multimedia phone - iPhone - an original creation of Apple Inc. have brought a revolution in the industry of touch screen mobiles and smartphones. Apple iPhone is a fully touch-screen phone, integrated with camera with number of various latest features to offer like multimedia player iPod, extended memory capacity, web browsing and lot more...

At iPhone Developer, our team of expert iPhone application developers and iPhone SDK programmers keep themselves updated with each and every new and latest release of iPhone SDK and start researching advanced methods and ideas to make iPhone application development easy and fast. Our iPhone SDK Developers/Programmers and iPhone developers have good knowledge of every minute thing related to iPhone and iPhone application development.

Our iPhone application developers and programmers have good sound knowledge of Mac OS X framework, OS framework and iPhone simulators. Apple iPhone mobile has the capabilities to do most of the work which a laptop can do such as ecommerce, web browsing, games, GPS navigation, videos and whatever you name it you find it in iPhone.

To create any iphone app either be it for fun or a useful business iPhone app or an iPhone game, the iPhone Game developer has to work hard and make sure that every minute detail are considered to stay ahead of the curve. Currently there are over 180,000 iphone applications available for download in the Apple store and the no. is increasing. Therefore, it is obvious that iPhone application development expects something special. It needs special design approach which is quite different than computer web application development. But, Our team of skilled and experienced iPhone SDK programmers and iPhone Web developers who are capable to do this job successfully for you and your revolutionary-web interactive iPhone.

With the help of our offshore iPhone application development services, you can get very quick results for your iPhone application development needs without any interruptions and hurdles. Opening up its SDK for iPhone developer extends to further enhancements of its third party iPhone software development and customization. Apple iPhone Software developers at iPhone Developer accepted many challenges as soon as iPhone SDK opened up and our iPhone Software developers have started applying their experience of previous work with Mac and gave highly functional designing software within a short-time.

We give you facility to hire iPhone developer / hire iPhone sdk programmer. We also allow Instant Messengers to our iPhone Apps developers and iPhone SDK programmers for your conveniences. You also may contact them through instant messengers like Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk and MSN etc. for detailed and long interactions. Phone facilities are also available for communication.

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